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Our Story...


Meet Cooper and Sophie... two little dogs who have changed my life and given me the inspiration to follow my dreams!️



Cooper was the first to join our family after the loss of our first Cockapoo, Jack. Jack took a piece of our hearts with him, but we soon found out after bringing Cooper home that we definitely had room in our hearts for another dog! Soon after we brought Cooper home, we realized that he would be happier if he had a sister to love. So a year later, we brought home our sweet Sophie. And so it began. Two little  dogs, with very different personalities, but a bond that even we could feel. As personalities developed, we soon realized that Coop wants nothing more than an endless game of fetch with his little yellow tennis balls and to bark at every squirrel that crosses his path. He loves his family and gives unconditional love to all of us every day. We realized very early on that Sophie had a very different personality, she is nurturing, calm and wants nothing more than to love and be loved. And so began her journey in to therapy work. She is a part of the 8 North family at ECMC and I am in awe of her every time I see her at work. Sophie just knows when she’s needed the most and is amazing at her job. She’s smart, sassy and loves her brother. And... he loves her right back. And so began the story of Cooper Loves Sophie.

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