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There are a few people that I want to thank for helping to make this dream become a reality. First, my husband, Greg who without his love, encouragement and incredible business mind, this never could have happened. My daughter Ali, who has given so much of her time to build my website. She has spent many hours pouring over ideas with me and bringing those ideas to life! I am forever grateful to her!! My son, Russ who has given me so much encouragement and many ideas for marketing which you will see along the way! My incredibly talented niece, Sarah who designed my logo which I instantly fell in love with! My brother Mike, who worked with me to secure a printing company for my labels which are incredible. And of course Rochelle, who has brought Cooper Loves Sophie to life. Rochelle sews each bandana with love and enthusiasm! I am so blessed to have found someone who shares my vision! Thank you!! 

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